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Tensioned Access Platforms

Tensioned Access Platforms

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Tensioned Access Platform is the generic term for what was previously referred to as Work Position Netting, Work Platform nets, or Walk on Nets.

They are increasingly becoming recognized as a safe and superior alternative form of access over traditional solutions such as scaffolding for certain tasks and where MEWP access is unavailable. A TAP is normally constructed of either 45mm or 60mm net material with tensioned webbing straps woven through the mesh and allows users to walk around and carry out light duty tasks in complete safety. It is mounted onto a structure in a variety of ways such as webbing slings, chemical anchors or through bolts – the specific method will be specified at the survey stage but the possibilities are endless. 
TAP’s are specifically designed and engineered for a project with the task to be carried out taken into consideration, the system is designed in such a way as to reduce any sag to an acceptable level when in use. Systems are normally installed with a fall arrest safety net and debris containment membrane beneath, this has the dual benefit of encapsulating the workspace allowing works to continue below and disguising the feeling of exposure for users, the safety nets also offer collective protection to the users and allow unrestricted movement for the workforce by eliminating the need for running lines.
We always carry out a full design exercise and submit a comprehensive package that details the loadings transferred to the structure for checking by your structural engineer, we supply all the Toolbox Talks and documentation for the system to be used safely and we can carry out the necessary ongoing inspections.
Click here to go to our Trade Association website, the information is primarily for customers with little or no knowledge of this type of lightweight platform.
Benefits of TAP’s are:
  • Speed of installation over scaffolding
  • Substantially less equipment to transfer through occupied buildings
  • Reduced hours working at height
  • Clear area beneath for other trades to operate
  • Significant cost savings
  • Less obtrusive than a large scaffolding structure
  • Reduced carbon footprint


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