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High Impact nets

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We use high impact nets mainly for encapsulation purposes where we have been have asked to provide a temporary solution, these situations are generally where the building fabric is suspect and a danger to people and property below, the danger can be loose glazing, spalling concrete or a faulty rainscreen systems. We have successfully encapsulated concrete silos, high rise apartments, hotels and bridges, even the roof of a church. All were looking for temporary protection whilst a permanent solution was being planned.  

We have the ability to design the appropriate system, taking into account the weight and velocity of detached items, the length of time that the nets will be in place and the visual impact of the netting material, if requested a structural engineers report can be supplied detailing the loadings on the fixings and burst strength of the net, if necessary we can even manufacture bespoke brackets. One of the main aims is to prevent falling items from gathering momentum and bursting through the net so we fit the net as close to the building as possible and in most cases we install a supporting framework of tensioned wires. 
Installation can be from a telescopic boom or by Rope Access and as you would expect the riggers are all fully qualified and experienced.