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Edge Protection - Mesh Barrier

Steel Mesh Barriers

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Steel Mesh Barriers Mesh Barriers

The Steel mesh barrier can be used instead of tube and fit scaffolding. It is very simple to assemble and the bright red colour provides a clear warning for edge hazards.
This system provides a safe option when providing temporary edge protection on mezzanine floors and roofs that have a pitch of less than 30 degrees.
It is widely accepted in the industry that mesh barriers are more suitable than traditional tube and fit because:
  • Guardrails, toe board and mesh barrier in one product
  • Closed return for greater debris containment
  • Lightweight, versatile system for speedy erection
  • Designed and manufactured in compliance with EN 13374, class A and B
The steel mesh barrier can also be adjusted in height without being dismantled. This means that the barrier can be installed on a steel beam or concrete surface and then simply raised or lowered as required.